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Standards will never drop from your first driving lesson to your last. Full support throughout the learning process is guaranteed.


ROAD covers many areas in South East Dublin. Your lessons will be conveniently scheduled and logged accordingly.


Various driving courses are available to suit your needs, making sure it's even easier for you to get driving.


You will enjoy every minute learning behind the wheel in a safe and friendly environment. That's a promise!


Welcome to ROAD Driving School.

Whether you've never sat behind the wheel of a car or you're just looking to get "test ready", you're in the right place. ROAD Driving School has various driving lesson packages that will suit your needs. 

ROAD Driving School is based from the Dún Laoghaire Driving Test Centre, Pottery Road and surrounding areas. ROAD covers many areas within

south east Dublin making sure anyone wanting to pass their test

in Dún Laoghaire are covered. 


Have the time to commit to 12+ lessons? 

Great, we can work together from the start and get you to test standard with

your Essential Driver Training (EDT).


Sponsored driving is definitely recommended to get the experience you need before your test. The Twenty. EDT lesson package guarantees your Essential Driving Training as well as 8 additional hours of driving to up your experience on the road if you cannot get it at home.

Not sure if you have the time to commit to 12 lessons?

Not a problem. ROAD Driving School packages have you covered, just Pay As You Go with the 'One.' driving package or just split your 12 lessons in half with the 'Six.' driving package.

Do you need to exchange your full foreign drivers licence?

The 'Six.' driving package is perfect for Reduced Essential Driver Training and will make sure you're driving confidently and safely.

Do you have a test coming up and want rid of bad habits? 

There are various pre-test packages available. Test routes are covered as well as other roads which can help you in areas where you could be going wrong. Your Approved Driving Instructor will make sure all your faults are analysed and corrected to make sure you have full confidence going into your driving test. Please note, if booking the three or four hour pre-test packages, you can book individual or bulk sessions.

Have the skills but not the car?

Don't worry. ROAD's car hire and pre-test packages have you sorted. You can hire a fully insured, taxed and modern car (manual transmission) for your test. All you have to do is turn up. The car will be ready for your test day!

Make sure to book early!

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